Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Automatic Facebook Updates

It seems that almost everyone is on Facebook these days! So one thing that we thought might be useful is that every time you make an update (e.g. new blog post, new photos, create a poll etc.) to your wedding website - a note automatically appears on your facebook profile telling your friends about the update.

So to enable this function in your Facebook profile - login to your Facebook, on the left side bar - under 'Applications', click 'more' and then 'Notes'. Once on the notes page, select the 'Import a Blog' or 'Edit Import Settings' link on the right hand side of the screen. In the text box for the web URL enter:


Note: you must replace the end of the URL with your own SharedWeddings username e.g. if your SharedWeddings user name is sarahandjohn - then your URL is http://www.sharedweddings.com/rss-sarahandjohn

From now on - everytime you make an update to your wedding website, it will automatically be shown in your Facebook profile - allowing your friends to go straight to the latest updates on your wedding website.

If you try out this new feature - leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of it - we’d love to hear from you!



Felicity And LaJuane said...

I can't follow your instructions because i can't find the "add note" at the top of my facebook profile..... can you elaborate?

sharedweddings said...


I just checked facebook and it seems they have changed things a little since I wrote this guide. Anyway, I've updated the instructions now. Can you try and see if you can follow them now?


Sneads Ferry North Carolina said...

Works great! There is the one blog limitation which people may need to be aware of when using this option. Thanks!

Cassie said...

Facebook has one again changed, i cannot follow the instructions you gave.

ladybug said...

Hi Cassie, did you ever get a reply on the automatic facebook thing? I also cannot follow the previous instructions...they need to be updated again...anyone know how? Please reply...

EstherandVictor said...

i do not understant this autofacebook